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Friday, Dec 04, 2020

LIAT flies for the first time since April

LIAT flies for the first time since April

Locals with credited accounts on the regional airline company LIAT will soon be able to utilise those funds as the airline signalled its return to the skies on Sunday November 1, with a ceremonial flight from Antigua to Dominica.

Many concerns had been raised over the cash-strapped LIAT which had been absent from the skies for more than seven months after the financial situation of the airline had worsened following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region.

In a media release from LIAT on Sunday, the airline which continues to undergo restructuring under its administrator Cleveland Seaforth, revealed plans to resume limited commercial flights later this month.

While not mentioning the names of the destinations intended during the limited flights, LIAT said it will return connectivity to its network – which included the BVI – that was impacted by the company’s shutdown since April.

“The airline is currently completing all the training and regulatory requirements for the territories it will be flying to. It is expected to announce later this week its limited schedule as well as the destinations it will be flying to,” LIAT stated.

It added: “Several new procedures will be implemented to ensure the safety of passengers as well as reduce the risk of transmission of COVID. These include the mandatory wearing of masks at check-in and onboard, enhancement in its cleaning and sanitization protocols and new boarding procedures.”

Policy for credited accounts to come

To facilitate those flights, LIAT said it will be reinstating its website to allow new passengers and those with credited accounts to book flights.

“Passengers will be able to book flights via the new booking engine on the LIAT website which will be launched shortly. The airline will also be announcing its policy for persons who will want to utilise their credits to book flights during the new limited schedule. However, passengers seeking refunds will have to await the completion of the review by the Administrator,” LIAT stated.

LIAT is being restructured to improve its viability and sustainability following a decision by the government of Antigua and Barbuda to reorganise the airline.


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