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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Local companies win $9.8M contract to construct new DDM HQ

Local companies win $9.8M contract to construct new DDM HQ

The Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) has jointly awarded two local companies a contract valued more than $9.8 million to construct a new, fit-for-purpose building which will house the Department for Disaster Management (DDM) and the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC).

The recipients of the successful bidding process are Tandem Development and D&B Heavy Equipment Services Ltd who received a total sum of $9,803,215.53 at the contract signing ceremony on Thursday.

During the ceremony, Premier Andrew Fahie spoke to the importance of finally having the contract signed as both the DDM and NEOC have played a major role in coordinating services during and after disaster events and have been in need of a new permanent home since the hurricanes of 2017.

“It is absolutely important that our emergency personnel are kept safe and that they are able to function during these crucial periods, and hence upon taking office in February 2019, your government made this project one of our priorities,” Fahie stated.

“We promised the people of the territory that we would ensure the funds are allocated to have our public officers at DDM working in a fit-for-purpose and resilient accommodation. Today, with the signing of the contract to construct a modern NEOC building, your government has ensured that we fulfilled our promise to the people of the Virgin Islands,” he added.

Scope of works

Premier Fahie also briefly outlined some of the scope of works expected for the project which is set to be completed by June 2022.

“The project includes the demolition of the existing structure, construction of pile foundation and support systems, construction of three-level reinforced concrete building including all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and landscaping. The building has been designed with a focus on sustainability, resiliency, energy efficiency, and care for the environment,” he explained.

The project, according to Premier Fahie, is in line with his government’s policy that public infrastructure must embrace green and smart technology to ensure the protection of the BVI’s environment.


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