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Saturday, Jan 22, 2022

Local expert appointed as efforts made to revamp Civil Aviation

Local expert appointed as efforts made to revamp Civil Aviation

A local expert in aeronautical science has been appointed as the Director of Civil Aviation as steps have been taken to reestablish the BVI’s Civil Aviation Department (CAD).

During his budget address last week, Premier Andrew Fahie said one benefit of this is that persons will now be able to register their aircraft in the jurisdiction. This, he said, means new revenues for the territory.

The Premier said efforts are underway to put all the resources in place for the CAD to become functional.

According to Premier Fahie, this will include developing a comprehensive plan which must have regulatory requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Overseas Territories Aviation Regulations (OTARs), as well as those of Air Safety Support International (ASSI).

Funding allotted for runway expansion

The announcement followed an earlier aviation-related disclosure that there are diligent efforts to enhance the BVI’s various ports of entry.

Fahie said his government will be continuing its work to break ground for a new welcome centre at the Virgin Gorda Airport. He further noted that technical works remain ongoing, geared towards the expansion of the Virgin Gorda Airport runway.

While describing Virgin Gorda as the ‘capital of tourism in the Virgin Islands’, Premier Fahie explained that the funding for this, along with funding for the previously announced TB Lettsome International Airport runway extension, has already been appropriated.

He said some funding was in this year’s budget and some in next year’s budget for the runways to be extended.

The Premier added that work will also be done towards repairs to the government’s rescue boat, an emergency drill, and finalising the updated briefing packs for flight crews.

“We continue to build an authentic Virgin Islands brand as we create a value for money destination for a satisfying tourist experience that will attract more visitors to our shores,” Premier Fahie said.


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