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Monday, May 16, 2022

Longer wait times expected as W&SD rolls out new billing system

Longer wait times expected as W&SD rolls out new billing system

Customers of the Water & Sewerage Department (WSD) have been told they may experience longer waiting times with the agency begins operating from its new customer service and billing system.
A press release issued by the agency recently said this is likely to occur as the staff continues to work in the “new regular” for the residents of the BVI.

According to the release, the department continues to put measures in place to modernise its billing system to provide quality service to its customers.

Director of the Water and Sewerage Department, Perline Scatliffe-Leonard said she is excited about the new customer service and billing system designed to enable customers to understand the printed bill in a clearer and more user-friendly way.

These new bills will further allow them to “understand any outstanding balances on accounts”, the WSD boss stated.

She expressed that with this new system, customers will be served effectively and efficiently.

Scatliffe Leonard explained that customers’ current amount (less than 30 days) will reflect usage from January 1, 2022.

Customers will also be able to follow the improved invoice, which will include a six-month history of water consumption, beginning January 1.
This, the director explained, will enable the department and the community to become more aware of water consumption and conservation.

“We want to ensure customers understand that We Are The Exceptional Resource (W.A.T.E.R.) and we will continue to do our part at the department to provide exceptional customer service,” Scatliffe Leonard stated.

Meanwhile, Director of Information Technology (DoIT), Annabelle Skelton-Malone said her department will continue to support the Water and Sewerage Department during the transition process.

“The drive, energy and consistent participation of the officers at the department made the transition process easy and seamless as they welcomed the new changes,” Skelton-Malone said.

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