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Macron says France will help Brazil develop nuclear-powered submarines

President Emmanuel Macron has committed France's support to assist Brazil in developing nuclear-powered submarines.
During a ceremony in Itaguai near Rio, launching a conventional Franco-Brazilian submarine, Macron emphasized the advancement towards nuclear propulsion while maintaining adherence to non-proliferation agreements.

Brazil, aiming to build its first nuclear-powered submarine, will receive backing from French naval defence company, Naval Group, for design and construction support excluding the nuclear reactor part, which will be locally developed.

Discussions are ongoing about France potentially aiding Brazil further in integrating the reactor and providing related nuclear propulsion technology, despite concerns over nuclear proliferation.

The collaboration began with a 2008 agreement between Brazil and France, which included constructing submarines and purchasing 50 Caracal helicopters.

The latest expansion into nuclear technology marks Brazil's ambition to join the exclusive club of nations with nuclear submarines, currently limited to the five permanent UN Security Council members.

Budget issues have delayed the submarine's expected launch to between 2036 and 2037. Macron's visit to Brazil, the first by a French president in over a decade, aims to strengthen Franco-Brazilian relations and includes initiatives to mobilize over one billion dollars in green investments for the Amazon, alongside participating in various high-level meetings across the country.

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