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Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

Major water leaks detected in Sea Cow's Bay area; over 250 gallons being wasted per minute

Major water leaks detected in Sea Cow's Bay area; over 250 gallons being wasted per minute

Preliminary investigations on the longstanding Sea Cow’s Bay water dilemma have revealed a high degree of leaks in the area.

This is according to Minister of Works & Utilities Kye Rymer while delivering statements in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, December 18.

He said the probe uncovered that more than 250 gallons of water per minute of water has been leaked to date.

“One of the major challenges is that more water is leaving the Hannah Hill reservoir than what goes in. There is a 150 to 180 gallon per minute entering the reservoir, and 360 to 400 gallons per minute leaving,” Minister Rymer stated.

“Based on the population size in the Sea Cow’s Bay area, there should only be 100 to 160 gallons per minute leaving the reservoir. Just as we had suspected, there are many leaks in the system which are being repaired as they are detected,” the minister added.

The minister said works have begun for a high-priority water improvement project in the Sea Cow’s Bay area.

Repair to leaks to be completed by weekend

The repairs to the detected leaks are expected to be fully completed by the end of the week. In the meantime, residents will continue to be supplied with water at the stipulated times.

“As a result of the leaks that are being repaired, the businesses and residents of the area are supplied with water from 4 am now to 8 pm. This is a significant improvement from the previous 4 am to 10 am.”

“Residents in the area living at elevation at about 150 feet above sea level or higher will still not have water at this point, but installation of small booster stations, strategically placed, will solve this problem,” Rymer added.

Second Phase to finish by January 2020

The second phase of the project is expected to commence following the completion of the installation of pumps in the Long Trench and Diamond areas.

Minister Rhymer says works on the second phase is expected to be completed by the second week in January 2020.


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