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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Malone Assures Incinerator Plans Proceeding Well

Malone Assures Incinerator Plans Proceeding Well

As residents of the First District and surrounding areas continue to complain of the irritation associated with the smoke and fumes from the Pockwood Pond incinerator, Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone announced that his Ministry is working hard to solve the problem.
During the contract signing ceremony for the dismantling of the incinerator at Pockwood Pond on November 15, the Minister for Health announced that efforts to have a properly functioning incinerator are proceeding well.

“We were able to have electricals already 90 percent installed and the control panels is either on its way or it should be here and we would be moving post haste in getting this done,” the Minister stated.

The Minister explained that the old incinerator had to be dismantled to make room for the improvements to the facility.

“The incinerator project at Pockwood Pond is one in which we have had the older unit that has been standing there and we are making room for a more advance unit. Removal of the old incinerator will serve two purposes. Number one it will make room for a more advance and more technologically sound incinerator that we can make use of the space and proximity to Electricity Corporation because we have waste to energy efficiency type service that we’re looking at,” Hon. Malone further explained.

Noting the steps that are being taken to address the current situation, the Health Minister stated, “What is critical for us is that first things first is once we get the old incinerator moved. We re-energize and recommission the other incinerator then we can look in terms of the new one.”

Further, Hon. Malone mentioned that the fixing of the incinerator will formally usher in Territory wide recycling.

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