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Friday, May 27, 2022

Malone hits out at ‘wilful’ VIP detractors

Malone hits out at ‘wilful’ VIP detractors

Minister of Health and Social Development, Carvin Malone has criticised persons in the public who he said have been providing ‘inaccurate information’ about the achievements of the Andrew Fahie-led Virgin Islands Party (VIP) since they entered office in 2019.

Speaking on the VIP “Let’s Talk” radio programme recently, Malone said there are persons whose jobs seem to be to highlight things that are not done and to falsify information regarding work already completed.

Malone used recent works completed on Jost Van Dyke and the new homes government built as an example to support his argument. He said the government has done more for Jost Van Dyke in 36 months than what the previous NDP administration accomplished in the last eight years prior to 2019.

“We have done more in terms of making sure that roads are paved, water is supplied. We have some social homes, we have home repairs, the port building and the admin building, all of these were done,” Malone said.

The minister, who is also a Territorial At-Large Representative, said under his party’s leadership, no district has been left behind. Malone said every district in the territory can boast of the impact the VIP has had.

Housing assistance

Meanwhile, Malone referenced the number of homes completed under the Housing Recovery Assistance Programme. He said his government has tried to assist as many people in each district as the funding allowed.

The minister said everyone who applied could not be helped as there were more than $100 million worth of requests but only $15 million allocated when they came into office.

“Most of it was in an account, loans, we had to repurpose that so we could have access to it. We passed an additional $9 to $10 million, and we are working steadily on this but what we must make sure is that folks understand that we will do whatever possible to bring additional monies in. Because until everyone is home, until there is a roof over your head and you can sleep in a dry bed, nothing else is more important,” Malone said.

His comments come within a period that has been largely described as ‘election season’. The BVI’s next general election is constitutionally due in February 2023.


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