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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Malone Is Fearmongering-In-Chief - Opposition Leader

Malone Is Fearmongering-In-Chief - Opposition Leader

Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone has been labelled as the fearmongering chief as it pertains to information he shares privately in chatgroups and social media pages about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Opposition Leader, Hon. Marlon Penn said the matter, which has been ongoing for some time, is disturbing to him.

"The now Minister of Health, he seems to have been promoting fearmongering in chief; he seems to be the one perverting all these fearmongering throughout the territory as it relates to COVID-19 and he also seem to be the minster for misinformation as well in terms of the information that he continues to send out. It is very disturbing to see that the people that we put in positions to lead creates this level of disunity and fearmongering," Hon. Penn said while speaking on the NDP Radio programme last night, November 2.

He said the responsibility of the Minister for Health is to ensure that there are balanced solutions to the health issues being faced by the territory.

"You have to be able to look at our unique circumstances as a territory. We are not saying that we are ignoring everything around us, but we have to figure out how we as a territory, manage to navigate the realities of COVID-19. Because the reality is COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon. So we have to come up with a plan and a strategy for dealing with COVID-19," the Opposition Leader outlined.

Hon. Penn said the scare tactics on social media is overwhelming by Minister Malone.

"It seems like it is a barrage in your inbox with these stories to in a sense instill fear to the people and the threats behind of it and all the things that are going around it is just really unbecoming of a somebody of the position that they hold," Hon Penn stated.

In the meantime, Hon. Penn took the opportunity to clarify the Opposition's stance on any protest being contemplated by residents of the territory.

He explained, "I saw a WhatsApp [message] going around from the same minister suggesting that my colleagues and I are suggesting that persons riot the streets and tear down the government buildings in town. Suggesting that we are somehow insinuating, inciting violence in anyway in terms of protesting on the government's decision"

Hon. Penn said during the last Opposition press conference a question was asked by a reporter seeking the Opposition's feedback on talk on social media of a possible demonstration by residents on the government's protocols for tourism.

"We were clear, we support any civil protest, peaceful protest that speaks to persons wanting to express themselves. It's the right of the people to peaceful assembly."

He pointed out to the recent protest relating to the beneficial ownership where all members of the House of Assembly were in attendance.

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