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Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Man allegedly assaults cops who refused to return seized motorcycle

Man allegedly assaults cops who refused to return seized motorcycle

BVI News understands that a man was last week arrested and charged with escaping custody and for assaulting at least three police officers, including a female law enforcer.
It is understood that further charges may be laid against the accused due to his violent behaviour during the incident.

Reports are that the young man visited the Road Town Police Station and asked a female police officer if he could retrieve a motorcycle that was in police custody.

After being told this wasn’t possible, the man hit the police officer and continued to assault her.

It’s alleged that it took two other male officers to restrain the young man. Those two officers were reportedly assaulted and one received injuries to his leg and hand.

It is further understood that the officers as well as the detainee received treatment at hospital. Although the detainee’s injuries were not serious, he received medication and was required to undergo an X-ray examination.

However, he tried to escape custody while at hospital. Our news centre was told that a hospital door was broken and another police officer was injured as he tried to recapture the man.

BVI News also understands that the young man is now in police custody. However, it’s unclear if he will be granted bail or when he will appear in court to answer the charges laid against him.

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