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Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Man charged for allegedly beating grandfather

Man charged for allegedly beating grandfather

A 30-year-old man from Baugher’s Bay was recently arrested and charged with assault after an alleged fight with his grandmother’s husband.
BVI News understands that the accused man, Jaimez Stoutt, lives with his grandmother and her spouse. However, the two men aren’t biological relatives.

The incident reportedly happened some time last week when the older man came home and reportedly saw his grandson, Stoutt, and a young lady at the house.

The older man reportedly told his grandson that he would prefer it if he didn’t take his girlfriend to the premises.

It is alleged that the two got into a fight where the older man was pushed to the ground and physically assaulted by the 30-year-old.

It is also alleged that the Stoutt hurled death threats at the older man.

The incident was reported to the police who later arrested and charged the 30-year-old.

BVI News understands that the accused man received bail in the sum of $5,000. It is further understood that the matter will be heard in court on February 15 next year.

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