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Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Man charged for attempted stabbing of ex-girlfriend

A man was thrown into the lockups for at least five criminal offences, after attempting to stab his ex-girlfriend at a local bar.

This all took place yesterday afternoon August 7, 2020, at a Huntums Ghut Bar on the Island of Tortola in the presence of several persons.

According to reports reaching Virgin Islands News Online (VINO), the accused and the mother of his children ended a relationship almost a year ago, having shared a relationship for some eight years.

The two have two children together and would meet to catch up socially.

Both individuals were having a drink

On the day in question, it is alleged that the two were having a drink at a bar when eyewitnesses saw the man grabbed the woman, threw her to the ground and pull a pocket knife then plunged it at her, but missed.

He was seen bleeding after he cut himself while trying to stab the woman. Persons on the scene called in the police who upon vising for an investigation, was met with loud aggression from the accused.

When police attempted to arrest him, he allegedly resisted and pushed one of the police officers.

He was then wrestled into subjection and taken into custody as police investigations continue.

The man was charged with assaulting the mother of his children, attempting to stab her, being armed with an offensive weapon, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.


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