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Monday, Jan 18, 2021

Man found with nearly $200K arrested

Man found with nearly $200K arrested

BVI News understands that a Virgin Gorda resident was recently arrested and charged after cops discovered a large sum of cash while executing a search warrant at his home recently.
The police believe the cash is linked to criminal activity.

It’s understood that the man is a national of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Although our news centre hasn’t ascertained the exact amount of money discovered, it’s understood that the amount was more than $170,000.

According to reports to our news centre, the cash was hidden in large plastic bags at the accused man’s house. It’s not clear when he will appear in court to answer to the charges against him.

This arrest comes just days after Governor Augustus Jaspert said he will be “putting forward legislation” to help local agencies effectively investigate individuals who possess “unexplained wealth” locally.

He said there are many residents in the territory who have raised concerns about the high number of drug, gun and cash seizures, which have recently taken place in the BVI.

“These make it very clear that the territory is vulnerable to drug trafficking, serious organised crime and all that comes with it. Criminal investigations are underway, so I will not comment on specific investigations, but we cannot ignore the fact that there is a problem here,” the Governor said at the time.

“Drugs and smugglers are able to enter the territory’s closed borders and our people are getting killed. The risks for the territory are significant and we must not let this crime continue to infiltrate our society, our businesses and our way of life and we must not let the profits of crime risk corrupting our institutions,” the Governor said.

Governor Jaspert said he hopes that the Cabinet and the House of Assembly support the legislation.

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