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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

Man gets more bail after visiting woman he allegedly beat earlier

Man gets more bail after visiting woman he allegedly beat earlier

A Baugher’s Bay man who is said to have violated his bail by visiting a woman he allegedly hauled from a vehicle and badly beat a day earlier has been offered additional bail.

The accused man is 24-year-old Earl Hazel Jr, and he is charged with assault causing actual bodily harm, disorderly conduct in a police station, two counts of criminal damage, and criminal trespassing.

The court was told that on October 17, both Hazel and the woman (the complainant) visited his mother but sometime during the visit, Hazel and his mother got in a heated debate. The court heard that the complainant tried to intervene to defuse the situation but later left the house and entered her vehicle.

The prosecution alleged Hazel Jr jumped on the hood of the vehicle and asked for her to return to the house. The court was then told the complainant began driving but stopped and rolled down her windows when the mother came out to speak with her.

The prosecution said Hazel Jr opened the driver’s door and pulled the woman out by her neck and started to hit her in the head and all over her body. The mother tried to intervene but the accused continued the alleged assault

The court was told Hazel Jr got in the vehicle and parked it and in that moment, the woman tried to walk away. The accused then exited the vehicle and grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to the ground. This was when a neighbour intervened and stop the ordeal from continuing.


Hazel Jr was arrested and brought to the Road Town Police Station.

The prosecution said that around 8 am on October 18, the accused phoned the woman he is accused of beating and asked her to pick him up from the police station but she refused. He then asked her to meet him at his Baugher’s Bay apartment and she again refused the request.

The court was told that after getting police bail, the accused arrived at the woman’s Hope Hill apartment at approximately 9:30 am and demanded her to open the door. He said he left some valuables there and needed them. She indicated to him he must return with the police to get them.

Attempted break-in

The prosecution said Hazel Jr left and returned later in the evening. He tried to gain access to the woman’s apartment by breaking the bathroom mirror and the kitchen window. When that failed, he tried again to unlock her front door. The court was told he threatened the woman and told her he would kill her and slice her up. The police arrived and again arrested the accused.

Hazel Jr was offered $30,000 bail by Magistrate Khadeen Palmer during his court appearance yesterday, October 21. As part of his new bail conditions, Hazel Jr must report to the Road Town Station every Monday and Friday between 6 am and 12 pm.

Magistrate Palmer also said the accused must surrender his travel documents and he must not be within 200 feet of the complainant. He is also ordered not to contact her or any of her relatives directly or indirectly.

Defence attorney Michael Maduro represents Hazel Jr.


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