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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Man struck on head with baseball bat

Man struck on head with baseball bat

An argument between two individuals at The Stickit in Long Look, on the main island of Tortola on Sunday, January 3, 2021, resulted in one being taken to Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital after he was struck in the head with a baseball bat.

According to informing reaching our newsroom, the incident occurred following an argument between two males, with one accusing the other of ganging up with others and beating him up while they were younger.

The man, who claimed to be a victim of bullying in his younger days, allegedly left The Stickit but returned with a metal baseball bat and the argument resumed.

Argument turns physical

It’s alleged that after the victim told the man with the bat that he couldn’t beat him back in the day much less now, he was dealt a blow to the head with the bat.

The victim reportedly fell to the ground in a dazed state but did not lose consciousness.

Police and ambulance were immediately summoned, according to reports, and the victim was rushed to hospital in pain and with a swollen head.

Investigations are said to be ongoing.

It is unclear if the perpetrator has been arrested.


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