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Saturday, Jun 25, 2022

Many feel England should ‘step in’ -  Eileene Parsons

Many feel England should ‘step in’ - Eileene Parsons

Former legislator Eileene Parsons has said many young persons that she has been speaking with recently are calling for a greater role by the United Kingdom (UK) over the affairs of the BVI.

Parsons made the comment while appearing on the Talking Points radio show yesterday June, 20.

“I talk to a lot of young people – mostly young men – and you’d be surprised how many people here feel very strongly that England should step in,” Parsons said.

Her comments appear to be in contrast with statements made recently by Bishop John Cline, who argued prior to an agreement being reached between the BVI and the UK on a raft of much needed reforms, that a majority of residents were completely against a UK takeover, despite sentiments expressed by Governor John Rankin.

In the meantime, Parsons — who has served as a Minister of Health, Education and Welfare — also suggested that foreign companies may be withdrawing their business from the BVI. She said this is possibly due to the reputational damage the territory may have suffered in recent months.

“We are part of our own problem, a lot of this we have brought on ourself. A lot of this we saw coming, and I must say, like me, we stood silent,” Parsons stated.

Premier slipped out and slipped in

In the meantime, Parsons expressed some level of dissatisfaction with the way in which the newly formed Unity Government was performing, suggesting that scant regard was being shown to residents.

Parsons made reference to a recent official trip taken by Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, but suggested nothing was said about his trip or its purpose.

“The Premier went away from here, nothing was said, he just left the country and went to have a — something he and his brother went to defend us – and we knew nothing about it.”

She continued: “There was no acting Premier. Just like how he slipped out, he slipped back in and it is now the talk of the town. Is this the way we are going to be governed?”

At the time of Premier Wheatley’s departure, the government issued a press release to inform residents that he left the BVI to attend a June Session of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization (C-24). The release noted that Works Minister, Kye Rymer would be serving as Acting Premier in his stead.


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