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Friday, Jan 15, 2021

Masked gunmen terrorise beauty salon in brazen robbery

Masked gunmen terrorise beauty salon in brazen robbery

A beauty salon in Purcell Estate, Tortola was robbed at gunpoint and three customers relieved of their personal belongings including cash when masked gunmen pounced on the establishment shortly after 8:00 pm last evening December 23, 2020.
According to information reaching Virgin Islands News Online (VINO), about four persons were in the salon when two men entered the establishment, one brandishing a gun while the other stood watch at the entrance.

Sources said both culprits had their identities hidden by covering most of their face with hoodies and masks.

The gun tooting bandits relieved the customers of over $1200 cash and took about $300 from a cash register belonging to the proprietor of the business.

The men made their escape by running out the area at the back of the building, however, CCTV cameras captured the robbery and the footage has since been handed over to police as investigations continue.

VINO will bring more information as it becomes available.

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