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Monday, Oct 02, 2023

MB hammers Rymer over water woes, infrastructure

MB hammers Rymer over water woes, infrastructure

Businessman and Fifth District candidate for the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM), Marvin ‘MB’ Blyden, has come out swinging against incumbent D5 Representative Kye Rymer; taking shots at Rymer over what he perceived as the legislator’s failings as a government minister.
Blyden said he was saddened by various unnamed, incomplete projects in the Fifth District and suggested that issues of water distribution and sewerage disposal have plagued the district and the wider territory, despite Rymer’s role as the Minister appointed for such matters.

“As I drive through the district, I am saddened by the lack of attention, progress, and a lack of basic necessities,” Blyden said during his campaign launch this week.

MB also blamed Rymer for a $22 million annual deficit at the Water & Sewerage Department. “I ask you today, can anyone, any business survive that level of loss?” Blyden questioned.

Roads are a disaster

According to the Fifth District businessman, the roads in the district are also a disaster. He lambasted Rymer for not commissioning an asphalt plant which was purchased by the government more than three and a half years ago.

Blyden proposed the addition of a new road, which he said could bridge the Fourth and Fifth Electoral Districts, after claiming that a traffic re-routing engineered by Rymer led to traffic congestion in the D5 constituency. Blyden said he was concerned the traffic build-up could lead to increased accidents and near-misses.

The development of a basketball court in the district and regular sporting tournaments were also projects Blyden suggested could lead to closer ties and improve relationships among residents within the community.

He also argued that social ills were on the rise in the community and suggested that there were complaints of families having difficulties because of the rising cost of living.

He promised that, if elected, a PVIM government will address these challenges by meeting with local businesses and amending legislation to subsidise medication for the terminally ill and mentally challenged, among other things.

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