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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Meetings with UK’s OT Minister were productive, promising

Meetings with UK’s OT Minister were productive, promising

Immigration & Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley has indicated that talks between local officials and UK Overseas Territories Minister Amanda Milling have been fruitful.
The purpose of Milling’s three-day visit to the territory was to meet with Governor John Rankin, Acting Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, leaders of the political parties represented in the House of Assembly, and other local stakeholders to discuss the range of recommendations contained in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report.

“We have been in meeting[s] around the clock for the past days as we try to figure out the way forward. Meetings with Minister Milling have been productive and promising,” Minister Wheatley said in Facebook post last evening.

Wheatley’s statement has been the clearest indication so far from any public official about progress being made within those meetings which started on Monday.

At the time of his post, the legislator had said, “we are finishing our last meeting now with the intention of the Acting Premier announcing the way forward” today, Wednesday May 4.

The Labour Minister noted in his Facebook post that ever since Premier Andrew Fahie’s arrest and the subsequent release of the COI report, the territory has been thrown into a state of anxiety, confusion and anger.

“It is important that during such times, words and actions should be measured and well thought out,” Wheatley stated.

He then asked that the territory continue to keep legislators in prayers as they chart the way forward.

Upon her arrival in the territory, Minister Milling had said: “I recognise that these are difficult times for the people of BVI. I am here to listen, and to understand. It is important that we are honest and open with each other when discussing the COI report and the issues it has identified.”

Yesterday, the Acting Premier described a proposed takeover by the United Kingdom as recommended in the COI report as a threat to the BVI’s fledgling democracy.

“I will be making a statement later and we have discussed … the Leader of the Opposition and myself and members of the Opposition and members of our government having a united front in the face of the threats of a takeover,” Dr Wheatley said.

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