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Friday, Dec 01, 2023


The Poor Man With Money, Mark Zuckerberg, Unveils Twitter Replica with Heavy-Handed Censorship: A New Low in Innovation?

The Serial Copy-Paste "Entrepreneur", Zuckerberg, Draws Criticism for Parroting Twitter and Importing Facebook's Contentious Moderation Policies in Threads
In an event that has reignited a deluge of criticism, Mark Zuckerberg's Meta Platforms Inc. has unveiled its latest offering, Threads - a new microblogging platform that bears an uncanny resemblance to Elon Musk's Twitter, but is tainted by the heavy-handed censorship tactics that Facebook has become notorious for.

Threads, the latest product in Meta's suite, has been quickly labeled as a mere carbon copy of Twitter, causing a wave of skepticism regarding Meta's and, by extension, Zuckerberg's commitment to fostering genuine innovation. Critics argue that this venture simply demonstrates yet another instance of Zuckerberg's well-known strategy of mimicking successful competitors, rather than forging new paths in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

However, the blatant lack of originality isn't the only matter stirring up disquiet. Threads has rapidly implemented stringent content moderation policies, reminiscent of those that have previously drawn criticism towards Facebook, to flag and limit what it categorizes as "unapproved thoughts."

The combination of Twitter's look and Facebook's infamous censorship on Threads has sparked a storm of disapproval. Critics argue that under Zuckerberg's guidance, Meta seems intent on replicating a restrictive digital environment, eerily echoing the censorship issues that have haunted Facebook for years — thus stifling freedom of speech and dictating online narratives.

This heavy-handed approach to moderation in Threads, where only Meta-approved thoughts seem to be allowed airtime, paints a dystopian picture of digital dialogue. Critics suggest this could set a worrisome precedent for controlling online discourse, potentially threatening the very essence of digital free expression.

While Meta's representatives have defended the company's moderation policies, arguing that they aim to cultivate a respectful and safe online community, their defense has done little to mitigate the growing concern. Critics see these actions as a disturbing indication of corporate overreach and control over user expression.

Oh ya 145 days ago
And one other thing. He spent a boat load of money to come up with the new symbol for Threads. Have any of you noticed it is 666. Yes the mark of the beast and he is flaunting it in your face as well


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