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Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Ministry addressing the needs of homeless and socially vulnerable during lockdown

Ministry addressing the needs of homeless and socially vulnerable during lockdown

Minister of Health & Social Development Carvin Malone has given the assurance that his ministry is taking measures to ensure the homeless are taken care of during the ongoing territory-wide lockdown period.
Malone gave that assurance following a BVI News publication that caused some residents to raise concerns on what is being done for such persons.

He said: “The Ministry of Health & Social Development is very concerned and have been proactively taking an inventory and seeking and finalising ways of which our most socially vulnerable could be made comfortable during this period of curfew and even this period of the pandemic.”

“So, rest assured that the department and all that is involved has been finding ways in which this issue will be addressed to ensure no one is left behind,” the legislator added.

He said the public will soon be informed on all that is being done for the homeless and most vulnerable, once his team finalise their plans and reports.

Malone, in the meantime, said the Safe Haven Transitional Centre — which was created to assist chronically homeless individuals — is nearing its maximum capacity and government is therefore in search of other facilities to accommodate such persons.

“The Safe Haven Transitional Centre has been up and running for a while, they were excess capacity in some cases, we have already placed families that could be placed there. We are seeking additional facilities which is ongoing,” he stated.

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