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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Modular Homes: The Future of Real Estate

What if every time you bought a new car, they had to build it on your driveway?
It would be way too expensive, take way too long, and be an overall stupid business decision.
Yet, that’s exactly what we do every single day when building new single-family and multi-family homes around the world.

But car manufacturers don’t do that They build it in a factory, with optimized assembly lines, QC, advanced tools, high tolerances, in a weather controlled environment

Yet, when you look at the world of real estate, not much as really progressed since the 1940’s when suburbs really exploded after WWII in the US

The #1 household in the US right now, is a single person living alone
The #2 household are two adults living together
Yet the majority of homes are still being built for 5 person families.

You look across the street and see autonomous cars being tested, yet we’re still building homes manually with hammer and nails

This has resulted in construction being one of the biggest sectors worldwide, bc shelter is such a primal need, yet, it’s also one of the most unproductive in the world
Therefore, the industry of real estate and construction are just itching for some fresh innovation

Enter: modular homes

This is what a few innovative companies around the world are working on - bringing in all the benefits of modern-day manufacturing from other industries into building houses in real estate

Some are focusing on completely modular homes that are pre-designed and pre-fabricated in house
Some are working on modular, prefab houses that are still customizable
Some are putting all their effort into perfecting additional dwelling units, ADU’s for granny flats or as a rental income property
Some startups are working on completely 3D printed homes

Each company usually has their own proprietary design on how different pieces of the house fit together
From there, they arrange these “lego” pieces to come up with different designs
From there, all the lego pieces are fabricated in a controlled factory environment

The home buyer process
Unlike traditional new suburbs where the builder buys a giant plot of land, there’s no streamlined process for modular homes

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