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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

More businesses granting incentives to those who vaccinate

More businesses granting incentives to those who vaccinate

Premier Andrew Fahie said more businesses are deciding to grant incentives to the public as part of a government initiative to encourage more persons to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
To date, just a little more than 9,000 persons have taken the first doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

And the Premier said the decision to give incentives to those who take the vaccines has yielded some success.

“I want to give credit to all the businesses who are giving incentives for persons who take the vaccines. This is the choice that the government has chosen to push the vaccination; to educate and to vaccinate. I saw that RiteWay did a vaccination drive, Clarence Thomas with their incentives, we have OneMart coming aboard and I understand we are in discussions with Bobby’s, and the Red Cross did their initiatives. So we are seeing more and more businesses coming aboard to help with the vaccination,” Premier Fahie explained.

Our news centre hasn’t been able to ascertain the exact incentives that are being given to residents. An explanation was recently sought from Health Minister Carvin Malone. However, he hasn’t responded.

With some 34,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine donated to the BVI, many people remain reluctant to take the jabs.

Initially, the government had said they would fully reopen when the majority of residents had been vaccinated.

But having a few thousand doses of soon-to-be-expired vaccines and a population largely unwilling to take them, Premier Fahie said the BVI will fully reopen to visitors in June 2021 whether the population is fully vaccinated or not.

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“If no one had an army, armies would not be needed. But the same can be said of most lobbyists, PR specialists, telemarketers, and corporate lawyers. Also, like literal goons, they have a largely negative impact on society. I think almost anyone would concur that, were all telemarketers to disappear, the world would be a better place.”
― David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

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