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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Most countries are marketing! How will you reboot tourism, Premier?

Most countries are marketing! How will you reboot tourism, Premier?

Premier and Minister of Tourism Andrew Fahie is being asked to produce evidence of his plans to reboot the BVI’s struggling tourism industry.
This request is from Second District Representative, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, whose constituency makes up a large part of the local tourism sector.

He is slated to put his request and other related questions to Premier Andrew Fahie when the third session of the fourth House of Assembly convenes on Thursday.

According to the Houses order paper for those proceedings, Turnbull will specifically ask: “Given that most countries and booking agents have already started strategic marketing to potential visitors for the fourth quarter of last year and now almost through the first quarter of 2021; could the Premier and Minister of Finance please tell this Honourable House, what plans are in place to meet with industry partners locally, regionally and internationally to get the assistance and input that is necessary for rebooting our tourism sector?”

Turnbull will also seek to find out the estimated amount of lost revenue and aggregated economic impact realised in the tourism sector since the BVI closed its borders roughly a year ago.

While the BVI has since reopened the TB Lettsome International Airport, the territory’s seaports — through which the BVI receives the majority of its guests — are still closed.

The BVI Ports Authority recently announced that it would be putting off the reopening of local seaports for a third consecutive time.

It was first announced that the Road Town Ferry Terminal would resume accepting international traffic on December 8. The government however deferred that date to January 21 and again to March 1.

And a week before their March 1 schedule, the BVIPA pushed the reopening by another month-and-a-half.

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