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Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Mother arrested for assaulting ex’s partner! Allegedly causes collision

Mother arrested for assaulting ex’s partner! Allegedly causes collision

A woman was last week arrested and charged after getting into a fight with her former boyfriend and the man’s current partner.
It is understood that the accused perpetrator — who is of a Long Trench address — shares a child with her ex-boyfriend. Her name will not be published to protect the identity of the child.

It’s reported that the ex-boyfriend was at a bar with his current spouse when he saw his child’s mother staring at them. To avoid trouble, the man reportedly opted to leave the venue with his partner.

But when he got to his vehicle, his child’s mother was sitting in the car and appeared to be in a drunken state. After a heated argument, the woman decided to get out of the vehicle.

As the man’s spouse was attempting to board the front passenger seat of the said vehicle, the seemingly-drunk mother allegedly slammed the car door against her foot and a fight ensued between the two women.

The man at the centre of the love triangle reportedly managed to separate both women and drove away from the venue with his spouse.

But the accused perpetrator reportedly got into a vehicle, trailed the couple and slammed her vehicle into the back of the couple’s car.

When both vehicles stopped, the mother reportedly grabbed a glass bottle and allgedly threatened to use and harm the other woman. While her child’s father tried to restrain her, police arrived at the scene and arrested the seemingly angry mother.

She was reportedly arrested and charged after admitting her actions.

She was later granted bail. However, BVI News was unable to ascertain the amount of the bond.

Meanwhile, it’s also alleged that both the man and his current spouse told cops that they don’t want the matter to go to court.

But our news centre was told the perpetrator is scheduled to appear in court sometime in March.

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