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Friday, Oct 30, 2020

NAGICO Insurances Renews Sponsorship Of Local Distance Runner

NAGICO Insurances Renews Sponsorship Of Local Distance Runner

Hindered by injury for the last two years, former road racing champion Reuben Stoby has been rapidly regaining form, and with Nagico Insurances remaining faithful with sponsorship, hopes to return to the podium in 2020.
Nagico Insurances has been supporting the two–time road racing champion since 2015 and recently renewed its sponsorship of the determined athlete for the 2019/20 season.

Stoby, who was plagued with Achilles tendon injury followed by an ankle injury, said he has slowly but surely recovered from both injuries and began his come back to local competition in the College Classic 2-Mile Series in the last quarter of

“We admire Stoby’s dedication and determination to get back to form,” said Shaquilla Smith, Assistant Manager, Customer Service Department.

Smith added, “Stoby’s personal story is a reflection of our own individual story of overcoming adversity through hard work and a winning attitude. This is why NAGICO continually supports sport and youth initiatives in the Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean region. We certainly wish Stoby a successful return.”

The well-known distance runner set a new record for Service Clubs, competing for the Rotary Club of Tortola during the College Classic Series.

On Saturday, January 11, 2020, Stoby competed in the 1500m Open at the Dag Samuels Developmental Meet and placed second in a thrilling finish that had fans on their feet.

He is now looking forward to the 5K series that starts next month.

Stoby said his plans for 2020 are to train hard, but smart, and to enjoy every moment of being able to run.

“I want to be able to do this while proudly representing Nagico Insurances and continuing to inspire young and old to take up running, even if it’s just for health reasons,” Stoby said. He added that many persons have told him that they are inspired by his accomplishments in road racing and some have even started running.

Commenting on Nagico’s sponsorship, Stoby said, “I think just how the community has shown faith and trust in Nagico Insurances to take care of their insurance needs Nagico has reciprocated that character in its continued efforts to make a positive impact in the community through sponsorship of various initiatives, groups and individuals.”

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