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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Nanny Cay attracts new business by circumventing seaport closure

Nanny Cay attracts new business by circumventing seaport closure

As the BVI continues to experience COVID-related challenges in tourism, Nanny Cay Marina has found a creative way to attract business by circumventing the current closure of the territory’s sea borders.
Nanny Cay is offering to transfer privately-owned vessels from the neighboring US Virgin Islands (USVI) into the BVI, free of cost.

The service would be ideal for yacht owners who want to enjoy BVI waters but are unable to sail here because of the current closure of the seaports to international traffic.

According to Nanny Cay, it will send a qualified delivery captain to transfer the vessel from the USVI. After the boat is transferred, the owner or crew members would then have to fly to the BVI to collect the vessel and sail the BVI waters.

“In return we ask that you book dockage or storage for your boat at Nanny Cay for a minimum of one month during 2021,” Nanny Cay’s website said. If customers decide to take up Nanny Cay’s new offer, then the venture could boost BVI’s tourism numbers by even a small percentage.

The new venture by Nanny Cay is the latest among strategies being employed by local tourism-related businesses as they try to stay afloat amid the closure of the seaports. Local seaports account for the majority of the BVI’s tourist arrivals.

Last year, taxi operators started offering delivery services to locals when tourist arrivals were cut off due to the full border closure of the territory.

Local hotels and resorts also started offering ‘staycations’ at reduced costs to attract locals to their business and stay afloat amid the trying times.

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