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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Nat’l Bank teller accused of theft

Nat’l Bank teller accused of theft

BVI News understands that a teller at the National Bank Of The Virgin Islands was arrested and charged with theft for allegedly stealing a large sum of money from the bank.

Reports reaching our news centre is that the bank teller is the son of a high-ranking civil servant.

It’s alleged that the young man made two attempts to steal cash from the bank. He allegedly succeeded in taking a large sum in the first instance but was caught during the second attempt.

It’s also alleged that the sum reported on the second attempt was much larger than the first.

Teller handed fake gov’t cheques from fraudsters?

However, sources close to the young man told our news centre he was implicated because he unknowingly processed a fake government cheque while performing his duties as a teller.

BVI News was further told that he was flagged after the actual fraudsters returned to him with another fake bank note on a second occasion.

They maintain the young man did not conspire with the fraudsters, notwithstanding the arrest.

In the meantime, BVI News understands that after the bank teller was arrested, investigators executed a search warrant at his residence and found vegetable matter believed to be marijuana.

Sources say the substance weighed more than 20 grams.

It’s also unclear when the matter will be brought before the court.


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