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Sunday, Sep 19, 2021

NBC News Exclusive: Putin Responds To Being Called 'Killer' By Biden

My recommended answer: “I am a killer, I am killing for money. Because you are my friend, I would kill you for free”.
Ari Melber shares a preview of NBC News' Keir Simmons' interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who reacts to President Biden's comments condemning him as a killer. 

300rcc 97 days ago
Sid... it sounds as though you're describing/talking about the pathological liar DJT who 80 million Americans rid our country of..
Sid 97 days ago
Putins responds and what he should have said is, biden is a old man with a head full of nothing who can not even tie his own shoes or walk up a set of stairs.. Send him to Shady Acres for his remaining time.


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