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Monday, Sep 21, 2020

Negative label! Fraser wants the 'Elevator Hill' renamed

Negative label! Fraser wants the 'Elevator Hill' renamed

Third District Representative Julian Fraser the area that is commonly referred to as the Elevator Hill in his constituency to be renamed.

Fraser called for the steep thoroughfare to be renamed during a recent community meeting at the Valerie O Thomas Community Centre in Sea Cows Bay.

“I hate that name [Elevator Hill Road],” Fraser said. “I am asking you folks to suggest a name for it so we can have an official name because that name has certain connotations that are so negative. It’s like a cliff and we want to erase it from those stigmas.”

In the meantime, the Third District Representative said areas of the road that has been in desperate need of repair is finally to be fixed.

He told residents that this now comes after numerous pleas to government to address the issue.

He said: “I don’t know how many of you use the road still but there is an awful section of the road that is undermined and needs to be rebuilt. That is a project that has been in the making more than three years now. I have been asking the government to do it. Finally, it is supposed to get started. Two contracts were issued for it and works were supposed to begin.”

Dangerous, road to be closed for repairs

Fraser further advised residents that he anticipates the road to be closed while it undergoes the roadworks.

“Those of you who have been on that road for the last seven years would know that it is a dangerous situation. If you were coming down the hill in a certain area and you don’t know that someone else is coming up, you might just happen to be a victim. [So] I am not going to apologize for the inconvenience because the road was so bad people weren’t supposed to be driving on it in the first place and asking persons not to drive on it would have been futile. So I am expecting the road to be closed for a period, I don’t know how long.”

This is not the first time the Third District Representative has raised concern about the location. Fraser had noted the hazards of the road during a similar public meeting back in 2018.


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