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Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

Nephew assaults aunt’s ex-lover after relationship goes sour

Nephew assaults aunt’s ex-lover after relationship goes sour

A BVI resident received medical attention last week for injuries he sustained in a physical altercation with a relative of his ex-girlfriend.
BVI News understands that the victim was in a long-term relationship with his attacker’s aunt. He allegedly served more than a year in prison because of his actions when the relationship ended.

Reports are that since the victim’s release from prison, he has been receiving threats from his ex-girlfriend’s nephew. The victim allegedly ignored the threats for a long time until last week when he was violently attacked along a public roadway.

Our news centre understands that the victim received several blows to his head and face and fell to the ground in the presence of onlookers.

Even then, the attacker continued to beat him and only stopped after bystanders pulled him away. No weapons were reportedly used by either men in the incident.

But the victim was bleeding when he was taken to hospital, our news centre was told.

In the meantime, the matter has been reported to the police. But, it is not clear whether anyone has been arrested and charged in connection with the attack.

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