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Netanyahu: “Israel is Pfizer’s Lab”

“Israel is Pfizer’s Lab” as Netanyahu admitted, providing Pfizer data about Israelis’ historical health conditions.

Digitized personal medical records of Israelis are already handed to Pfizer on a silver plate.

Now Mr. Bibi Netanyahu is adding a GENETIC DATABASE, trading people’s genome.

“Give me a saliva sample, and we have a genetic record over a medical record”.

“Now let medical & pharma companies analyze & manipulate this data, and we get preference, and develop a biotechnology industrial power.” Says Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.

There you have it, out of the horse’s mouth.

Next video: Matt Hancock openly confesses his involvement in Genomic sequencing.
Perfectly harmless, nothing to be concerned about.


Oh ya 1 year ago
Yes be proud you pushed your people to take the clot shot and 4 boosters and now you have huge numbers of people dying. Nothing to be proud of


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