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Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

New businesses approved to operate! Gov't limits beach hours and gathering sizes

New businesses approved to operate! Gov't limits beach hours and gathering sizes

Additional categories of businesses have now been included on the government’s list of essential services permitted to operate during curfew hours.

These new categories include hardware and building supplies stores, suppliers of hurricane shutters, construction teams with no more than 10 people, restaurants (for takeout and deliveries only), computer equipment and office suppliers, bakeries, laundries (for drop-off and delivery/pick-up only), and faith-based activities such as churches.

These establishments are approved to operate starting Saturday, August 29. Premier Andrew Fahie said Cabinet agreed on these decisions during a meeting on Friday.

Gathering sizes limited to 10

He said Cabinet also decided to limit gathering sizes to 10 persons per gathering.

Intra-island ferries were also approved to continue to operate. They must, however, adhere to the social distancing protocols.

Premier Fahie said Cabinet also decided to amend the Suppression Order to limit access to the territory’s beaches between 5 am and noon. They also endorsed the Minister of Education’s decision relating to online education in the first instance and agreed to review the position of the reopening of schools fortnightly.

“These Cabinet decisions took into consideration not only our ongoing fight against COVID-19 but also our need to always be in a state of preparedness and readiness as we are in the Atlantic Hurricane Season,” Premier Fahie said.

“At this time, I ask everyone to continue to be vigilant … Please remember that in the BVI we have just over 35,000 people, but only eight ventilators, and we do not want to use any of them. Hence, at all times, we must make wise well-calculated decisions. We must keep our guards up. We must practice the wearing of masks, frequent hand washing and sanitising, and social distancing,” he added.

The BVI is under a partial lockdown from 5pm to 5am daily for two weeks.


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