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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023

New leaders aren’t the answer to BVI’s political problems — Pickering

New leaders aren’t the answer to BVI’s political problems — Pickering

As many in the BVI continue to call for a new set of leaders to transform the territory’s politics, former Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering has stated that “fresh people” aren’t the answer to the BVI’s political problems.
Dr Pickering, who recently announced that he will be contesting the next general election as a Territorial At-Large candidate, said the BVI would benefit most from a combination of young leaders with fresh ideas and experienced leaders who have garnered wisdom over the years.

“I think any right-thinking person can see that where the country is right now, it needs a few persons who understand not just local issues but major international issues that we have to confront,” Dr Pickering said in a recent interview with 284 Media.

Tensions between the BVI and the United Kingdom (UK) increased this year after a Commission of Inquiry (COI) report recommended direct UK rule through a suspension of the territory’s constitution. This would snatch power away from elected representatives and place it in the hands of the governor.

Many residents have blamed the current elected leaders for the breakdown in the relationship with the UK and have called for more women and young people to give the territory a ‘fresh start’ by running for elected office.

But Dr Pickering said young minds by themselves cannot bring the ‘fresh start’ that the BVI is seeking.

“Of course we need a fresh start. We need to reset, we need to rethink and in that entire process, we need all minds involved. I will never sit and tell somebody we need 13 experienced people to run this country and I would never say we need 13 fresh people to run this country either. We need a good mix of persons who are able, willing, qualified and genuinely committed to run the country. A good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from,” Dr Pickering argued.

Dr Pickering is a former member of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and a well-respected medical doctor in the territory. During his time in office, his party was plagued by many scandals, some of which were the subject of the recently-concluded COI.

However Dr Pickering has not been the centre of any major political scandals and is touted as one who can help the BVI during this time of political uncertainty.

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