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Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

New Protests in Paris Against the Dictatorship Bill

New Protests in Paris Against the Dictatorship Bill

Mass rallies have been held in Paris and other French cities after the lower house of parliament passed in the first reading late November a controversial “security” bill criminalising the dissemination of photos and videos of violent police officers that using illegal force against innocent citizens.
The bill is, by its nature, illegal and against human rights, because it helps police crimes to escape justice, as it criminalizing citizens just for collecting solid evidence against police crimes.

Try to imagine what if that bill was in USA... George Floyd killers would be presented as hero’s and the victims as a criminal...
(French police are not less violent and not less racist than US police).

Article 24 of the bill entails up to a year in prison and a 45,000 euro ($53,400) fine for disseminating videos and photos identifying police officers with an intention to bring them to justice – penalties that critics deem a threat to press freedom and supporting police crimes against citizens. In a bid to address the concerns, the lower chamber of French parliament amended the clause.

Will the French Revolution spirit win the human rights and freedom politicians trying to take from them again?

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