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New review database takes aim at some of the most protected bosses in America: state and federal judges

A new review platform launched by attorney Aliza Shatzman, the Legal Accountability Project (LAP), targets the often unregulated sphere of judiciary employment, particularly focusing on state and federal judges.
The database enables law clerks to anonymously share their experiences with judges, aiming to provide transparency and accountability in a field notorious for its lack of oversight and the silence surrounding misconduct.

Shatzman was motivated by her own negative experience as a law clerk, where she faced harassment and career threats. Her efforts, including congressional testimony, aim to protect judiciary employees from similar mistreatment.

The LAP database gathers both positive and negative clerkship reviews, safeguarded by Section 230 to prevent liability for user-generated content.

The initiative seeks to challenge the judiciary's culture of silence by making information about judges' conduct accessible, thereby aiding law clerks in making informed decisions about their employment.

Shatzman's project has already collected over 800 reviews, each vetted for authenticity, offering a comprehensive view of clerking experiences.

The service, available to current law students and recent graduates for a fee, excludes judges and media to maintain privacy and focuses on improvement and understanding within the judiciary.

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