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Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

New Waste Management Bill coming

New Waste Management Bill coming

Government has revealed plans to introduce a Waste Management Bill that seeks to reform the laws regulating how waste is managed locally.
Governor Augustus Jaspert made the announcement during Thursday’s Speech from the Throne in the House of Assembly.

He explained the importance of having such a bill in the BVI, stating that it is essential for the BVI’s competitive economy.

“A Waste Management Act will strengthen the legal framework for sustainable management of household waste, industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, and hazardous waste in order to protect health and the environment while improving the aesthetics of the territory,” he stated.

Governor Jaspert also said the parties responsible for the creation of the legislation are in the process of finalising a comprehensive Waste Management Strategy that will also see the introduction of the Plastic Litter Reduction and Container Deposit Bill.

“The primary objectives of the proposed legislation are to reduce beverage container litter along roadsides, ghuts, coastal and marine areas, and on other public or private properties; and encourage recycling,” he stated.

During the territory-wide lockdown in April, Minister responsible for health and waste management Carvin Malone said the government was working to roll-out what he described as the seven R’s of the waste management strategy — reform, restrict, reduce, recycle, reuse, return, and rethink.

Since that announcement, the government has been involved with a number of recycling initiatives both in schools and the communities, which are part of their strategy to improve waste management in the territory.

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