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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

New York deaths stabilising at 'horrific rate’

New York deaths stabilising at 'horrific rate’

In the US, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has finished his press conference in Albany.

Here’s what came out of the briefing:

  • The curve is flattening in the state of New York, though there have been another 783 deaths. Cuomo said it was “stabilising at an horrific rate… depicting incredible loss and pain”.

  • Cuomo praised President Donald Trump for his speed at getting New York the help it needed, but said it was too soon to know when the state could reopen. “What do you think we’re in, the sixth inning for baseball? You think we’re at half-time if it’s a football game? You don’t know yet how it turns out.”

  • Despite Mayor De Blasio’s announcement that schools would be closed through June in New York City, Cuomo repeatedly said “there has been no decision on schools” and said he had "legal authority"

  • Cuomo emphatically quashed speculation that he could become part of Joe Biden’s cabinet if the Democrat won this year’s presidential election, saying: “I’m not going to Washington, I’m staying right here… I have probably the most important job, to me, that I could have.”

  • And he said that the state economy was inextricably tied to public health, refusing to lift coronavirus restrictions until it would be safe. “You can’t ask the people of this state and this country to choose between lives lost and dollars gained.”

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