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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

Night-time ban on bikes extended as Premier reports spike in motorcycle crashes

Night-time ban on bikes extended as Premier reports spike in motorcycle crashes

Amid reports of a spike in scooter crashes, government has extended the night-time ban on local motorcycles.

The ban was initially scheduled to come to an end by Thursday, June 25. However, it has been extended by three weeks.

According to the updated Road Traffic (Restriction of Use of Motor Cycle) Regulations published in government’s official gazette on Thursday, the ban is now scheduled to come to an end on July 16.

No indication has been given on why the ban has been extended. However, the extension was ordered the same day Premier Andrew decried the rise in accidents.

“We are seeing an increase in scooter accidents and riders are not wearing safety gears and riding safely on the road. I am urging scooter riders to practice safety on the territory’s roads,” Premier Fahie said in a statement Wednesday evening, June 24.

Details of the bike ban

Except for a select category of riders when they are travelling to or from work, motorcycles are banned from operating on local roads between 5 pm and 5 am daily.

The exempted riders include security guards employed by a private security service provider, Customs and Immigration officers, as well as persons employed in the essential services.

Section 2 of the Virgin Islands Labour Code defines ‘essential services’ as workers employed in the police service, prison service, Water & Sewerage services, Fire & Rescue Service, electricity generation & distribution services, telecommunication services, healthcare providers, transportation services, and port services.

Premier Andrew Fahie said in a recent statement that the move is “for the safety and convenience” of the bikers and the wider public.

The public has largely supported the ban.


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