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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

NLBC celebrates 23 years of “Power Plus” Ministry

NLBC celebrates 23 years of “Power Plus” Ministry

The New Life Baptist Church is celebrating twenty-three years of Power Plus Ministry from Sunday, November 8th to Friday, November 13th, 2020.
The Church under the leadership of Bishop John Cline has pressed in this year to present a virtual, global conference that will minister to the hearts, spirits, and lives of persons throughout the territory, region, and globally.

Each year the nightly sessions bring powerful and inspiring words that impact the lives of many. It also features a “Midday Power – Up” element to the conference which is designed to impact and motivate change. This year, the Midday Power Up sessions will focus on impacting and influencing lives by strategically engaging and facilitating presentations, discussion and fostering solutions as they relate to the 7 pillars of influence in a society:

• Family

• Education

• Economics (Science, Technology & Business) …

• Government

• Arts and Entertainment (Sports)

• Media

• Religion

The church is extending an invitation to all to be a part of these highly impactful daily sessions as it collaborates to build a stronger community and territory.

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