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Monday, Jan 24, 2022

No ‘Active’ Vaccination Policy For Gov’t Workers Being Discussed – DG

No ‘Active’ Vaccination Policy For Gov’t Workers Being Discussed – DG

Deputy Governor David Archer Jr., said, while the vaccination rates among Government employees are still too low and vaccination hesitancy continues, no active talks are being held towards a vaccination policy for the public service.

“At this moment, our approach has been to identify frontline officers and which should be tested, but we are not under active discussion about a vaccination policy for the public service,” he told BVI Platinum News recently.

He continued: “We recognize that our numbers need to increase, and we will continue to work along with public officers. The Government has said going forward; it is not a mandated policy as yet; we encourage and believe that the vaccine is the method by which to be able to work and live with COVID-19, and we are trying to make sure persons make that rightful decision for themselves.”

In the meantime, Mr. Archer said they keep abreast with the vaccination rates on a bi-weekly basis and work alongside departments with low vaccination numbers.

Pandemic Policy

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor said, the development of a pandemic policy is underway.

“We are currently reviewing what we call the pandemic policy, which will speak to and manage public officers through times of a pandemic, and that is critical to find the right support for things as simple as how you return to work after you have been exposed to COVID-19, it will give clear directions.”

He said it is very important to have that policy because the future is uncertain, particularly when it comes to pandemics like COVID-19.

The Deputy Governor said presently, handling COVID-19 in the workplace is a learning curve for all.

Notably, the Gaston Brown administration in Antigua and Barbuda made vaccinations mandatory for all eligible persons residing in the twin-island state as of September 20.

That Government said, all government employees as well as staff of statutory corporations and companies where the Government owns the majority shares will remain home until proof of vaccination is provided.

The vaccination order also extends to visitors entering the country, including nationals.


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