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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

No one ‘forced’ me to pass good governance laws, I’m a big guy

No one ‘forced’ me to pass good governance laws, I’m a big guy

Premier Andrew Fahie has disputed claims from his critics that he was being forced to implement good governance legislation for the BVI
“We will continue to be more proactive in bringing forward more legislation to further strengthen accountability, transparency and good governance as we have been doing,” Premier Fahie said at a weekend rally celebrating his administration’s third year in office.

He admonished previous governments for their repeated failures to implement good governance legislation and questioned which ones would have passed legislation similar to the Whistleblower Act, Contractor General legislation, and Integrity in Public Life Act, for instance.

“They are telling people that the UK forced us to do it. No one forces me to do it, that has to be a great force, I’m a big guy,” the Premier stated.

According to the Premier, other governments in the past ran from passing good governance legislation because they only talked about accountability but had no action to support their rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the Premier said persons were ridiculing the Education Minister, Dr Natalio Wheatley for his approach to the Elmore Stoutt High School redevelopment project.

But he countered these criticisms and claimed that the former administration built two steel structures on the property without insurance, both of which were destroyed in the 2017 hurricanes.

“We got nothing, we have nothing, and the children are still out from the school,” Premier Fahie said. “But yet now they are professors on what has to be done with the school.”

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