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Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

No place in gov’t! So-called ‘liberator’ slams VIP’s poor record

No place in gov’t! So-called ‘liberator’ slams VIP’s poor record

The incumbent Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government has been denounced as the proverbial head of the snake by Progressives United (PU) party leader, Julian Fraser.
Fraser, who recently announced the formation of a soft alliance between his party and the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM), is currently seeking re-election for a seventh consecutive term as the Third District Representative.

Fraser, often referred to during his launch as the ‘liberator’, told residents that he communicated with leaders of both the PVIM and National Democratic Party (NDP) to make his intentions clear about ousting the current government.

“I have called the leaders of [PVIM] and the other party, [the NDP], to let them know in no uncertain terms, there’s one enemy out there — that’s the Virgin Islands Party,” Fraser stated at his campaign launch over the weekend. “We got to cut the head off that snake.”

He assured persons that the only reason he didn’t have the visible support of the NDP during his campaign launch was that they, too, had a contender in the Third District; Aaron Parillon — an opponent Fraser promised to ‘take care of’ at the polls.

In the meantime, Fraser flayed the VIP government over their reported neglect of his district, heaping blame and ridicule on them for the myriad of derelict vessels scattered across the Sea Cows Bay harbour nearly six years after two category-five hurricanes struck the territory in 2017.

“These people, they have absolutely no place in government. None. And that’s why I said to you, this election is so important to me,” Fraser told residents.

He pointed to the continued poor state of water distribution in the district and the open burning of garbage, which continues at the Pockwood Pond landfill site and which residents have endured for years coupled with thick, black plumes of smoke flowing through the air.

“This country is in so much trouble. You cannot afford not to send me back to the House of Assembly. Mark my words, you cannot afford not to. This is not a game. It’s not a joke,” Fraser pleaded.

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