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Saturday, Jan 29, 2022

No Ramifications For ‘Undocumented’ Persons Seeking COVID-19 Medical Care - Hon. Malone

No Ramifications For ‘Undocumented’ Persons Seeking COVID-19 Medical Care - Hon. Malone

Persons who are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 and are undocumented in the territory have been given the assurance that there won’t be any consequences for them if they access medical care.
Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone gave that indication during a recent update on the virus in the Territory.

“The fact is there are undocumented persons who are afraid to come out, but I have had conversations with the Minister of Immigration (Hon. Vincent Wheatley), and he has already indicated that we would have no repercussions for those persons who need medical assistance,” he said.

“Go out and get the assistance that you need,” he urged.

National Epidemiologist Ms. Harmonie Massiah also expressed concern over the situation while addressing the same live broadcast.

“Most of the cases that we are seeing are in the younger demographic, and we already know, globally and regionally, that the health risks or the severe symptoms presenting in youth would be slim to none, but what we are seeing is that persons are very ill, even amongst the younger population and that for one is very concerning.”

She added, “And most persons who are ill are unwilling to seek treatment. They are reaching out via various forums, but when you try to get them to go and seek medical care they need, they are refusing.”

There are now 1296 active cases of COVID-19 in the territory.

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