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Sunday, Nov 29, 2020

No tolerance! Premier alerted to pockets of domestic abuse locally

No tolerance! Premier alerted to pockets of domestic abuse locally

Renewed calls have been for men in the British Virgin Islands to stop perpetrating acts of domestic violence.

Premier Andrew Fahie made that appeal during a live public broadcast on Monday; making strong suggestions about continued reports of this type of abuse locally.

He said: “One of those weak links that have come to my attention is that we have a small pocket of abuse at home. Worst yet, where it does exist, our males are being reported to be the ones at fault.”

“I want to speak to you, my brothers, directly. You must stop it. This cannot be. You cannot be abusing our females, it is wrong. You cannot be abusing our children. It is wrong,” the Premier added.

Premier Fahie further said that the role of males in households should be to uplift rather than tear down and bring grief.

“God did not put you in the role where you are to be abusive. You are there to build stronger homes and stronger families, not to be a stronger monster. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated. Whether it be sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse - do not abuse,” he stated.

The Premier also encouraged family members to use the government-imposed curfew period which runs until April 19, to pray and build stronger bonds, as will assist with conquering the COVID-19 pandemic mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Gender Affairs also called for peace

Premier Fahie’s appeal against domestic violence comes only days after the Office of Gender Affairs called for peace in households where domestic violence is highly probable.

Gender Affairs Coordinator Tara Sue Morgan had said long periods of isolation can cause the resurgence of incidences in households with a history of domestic violence.

She said this is due to the increased tension which is built as a result of sharing the same space and resources for longer-than-usual periods.


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