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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Not exempted | Cuban doctors will be quarantined upon arrival

Not exempted | Cuban doctors will be quarantined upon arrival

Thirty medical personnel from Cuba will not be exempted from the stringent measures being adopted by the Andrew Fahie-led administration in its fight against the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) that is currently affecting the territory and the wider world.
Premier Andrew Fahie said during a public broadcast on Tuesday that the Cuban physicians will be taken to a quarantine facility when they arrive in the territory on an undisclosed date.

“They will be quarantined for 14 days to make sure that they to go through all the measures that have been put in place,” the Premier stated.

He further said that the United Kingdom - through its representative, Governor Augustus Jaspert - gave the go-ahead for the team to come to the territory.

Premier Fahie also noted that engaging the Cubans is not indicative that there are more than three COVID-19 cases in the territory.

“We are not hiding anything. What we know, you the people will also know in a timely manner. They are there to help as we continue to be in a proactive mode. Not that something has gone wrong or we have a number of cases - as some persons are saying - we are trying to hide,” Premier Fahie sai.

To date, the BVI has a total of 143 persons in quarantine, three confirmed COVID-19 cases, and nine others awaiting their test results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) based in Trinidad.

As of Tuesday, March 31, the Cuban government said it was suspending the arrival of international flights and requested all foreign boats to evacuate from its waters as it too battles the COVID-19, news mediums have reported.

That country nearly 200 cases of COVID-19 - six related deaths and nearly 3,000 suspected cases in isolation.

Despite this, the Cuban government has shipped several medical personnel to assist other countries to curtail the fast-spreading virus.

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