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Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020

Not Patsy Lake! Donated Vehicles For Park & Ride Shuttle Service

Not Patsy Lake! Donated Vehicles For Park & Ride Shuttle Service

Minister for Transportation Hon. Kye Rymer announced that all systems are in place for the Park and Ride shuttle service, which is a pilot programme that commences on Monday, December 16.
The Minister while speaking on the talk show Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton-Cline announced that the service was necessary ease the parking issues of Road Town.

During the discussion, it was announced that the two vehicles being used for the pilot were donated to the Government by the Romney family and Romasco Group.

Skelton-Cline announced that there was a rumor circulating that businesswoman Patsy Lake was going to be offering the shuttle service; and this he said was a false story that needed to be set straight.

Skelton-Cline declared, “I am going to be doing this a lot more in 2020 to dismiss foolishness. “The mobile, the electrical cars were donated by Romasco Group they do not belong to Ms. Lake or anybody else. All that kind of foolishness that out there. We got to start debunking the nonsense that comes across us and learn how to build up each other.”

The pilot programme will run until the December 24.

Hon. Rymer announced that the service will ease traffic congestion in the city by facilitating centralized parking.

“I am excited to introduce this park and ride. We are doing a pilot run at this stage where we are inviting persons; we are asking and urging persons – motorists within the Territory to utilize the parking at the festival site or if you’re coming from the West End you can utilize the parking in the area across from the Dr. Orlando Smith hospital,” he pointed out.

The Minister explained that the route of the shuttle includes going through the Pier Park as a means to provide a bit more traffic and in conjunction with the 12 days of Christmas promotion; as well as other stops in parts of Road Town that would allow easy access to various places of interest.

Overall, the Minister said that the aim of the shuttle service is to ease traffic congestion in the city.

“We have a route that starts at the festival site, it comes down on de Castro street goes through the Pier Park, it goes behind the Admin complex and it ends up on waterfront drive. Then you go on to Main Street and then we’ll get back up to the festival site,” Hon. Rymer added.

The Minister also noted that the electrical vehicles seat about 12 to 14 persons and that the shuttle service starts at 8:00 am and ends at 6:00pm daily.

He also mentioned that the plan is to have the shuttle rotate every half hour.

“If we see the need for more vehicles then we have that on standby so that we can accommodate as many persons as possible. We are hoping based on the number of vehicles that we would run out of vehicles because we have a surplus of persons utilizing the service,” he added.

There was a trial of the Park and Ride shuttle on Monday and it was explained that Premiere Hon. Andrew Fahie and other government officials participated.

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