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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Not the time for partisanship or gangster summits — Skelton Cline

Not the time for partisanship or gangster summits — Skelton Cline

Commentator and clergyman Pastor Claude Skelton Cline has cautioned residents in the face of an upcoming general elections that they need to adopt a spirit of togetherness instead of the usual propensity to choose sides.

“Right through here, for us particularly in these Virgin Islands, this is not the time for partisanship,” said Skelton Cline, who was a spokesperson and staunch supporter Virgin Islands Party during the last elections.

The clergyman, who made those statements during his Honestly Speaking radio programme, urged persons to put down their pursuit of power and put down their egos and instead come together as a people on a sober conclusion of how the territory’s relationship with the United Kingdom should move forward.

He also argued that even though the territory’s political environment appear ‘murky and messy’ at this time, this is an opportune time for the birth of a nation. While these are extra extraordinary times, it is the grandest time for light to come in, Skelton Cline said.

I no longer want gangster summits

In the meantime, the clergyman appears to have made a reversal on his previous calls for there to be a meeting amongst gangsters with a view to stem the spread of COVID-19 that the territory had been experiencing at one point.

“I’m not calling for a gangster summit no more, I’m calling for a women’s summit, ”Skelton Cline said.

His reference to a women’s summit appeared to be pointed at his repeated calls in recent months for women to play a greater leadership role in the territory.

The talk show host expressed optimism that the territory’s general elections will be held by the constitutionally mandated date of May next year and there will be no suspension of the constitution.

He added that the alternative of any suspension to the BVI’s constitution will create a ‘tsunami type response’ in the territory.

“It’s not in the Virgin Islands’ interest nor is it in the United Kingdom’s interest to walk down that path,” Skelton Cline stated.


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