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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

Not true! BVITB was not consulted about ‘Police in Paradise’ video

Not true! BVITB was not consulted about ‘Police in Paradise’ video

Director of Tourism Clive McCoy has refuted claims that producers of the controversial ‘Police in Paradise’ video had consulted the BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission (BVITB) before it commenced filming.
Governor Rankin was the one who made those claims, suggesting during a press conference last Friday that the BVITB had sanctioned filming the video.

However, in a written statement released afterwards, McCoy said the BVITB first became aware of the video when it went viral in local chat rooms and on social media last week.

“We are not aware of when the footage for this production was shot, as there is no record of permission being sought. Furthermore, the BVITB did not issue a film permit to allow the filmed content from the video to be captured in the territory. I can confirm that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) did consult with the BVITB four years ago in 2018, about a similar project. However, no approval was granted and we were not in favour of the proposed project,” McCoy stated.

“The BVITB does not have any record of consultation being made regarding the filming of the ‘Police in Paradise‘ video which has been recently circulated. In fact, the BVITB first became aware of the project when along with the entire community, we saw the video being shared in WhatsApp messages and social media platforms. I would like to reiterate that we are not in support of this video as it negatively portrays the territory,” the Director of Tourism added.

McCoy had previously condemned the video and highlighted that the Tourist Board is prepared to do damage control for any fallout that might occur because of the negative portrayal of the territory in the video.

Junior Minister for Tourism Alvera Maduro-Caines also expressed her dissatisfaction with the video, while many local political commentators have called for the resignation of the Police Commissioner.

The video depicts in graphic visuals some of the crimes that have occurred in the BVI in recent years and features Police Commissioner Mark Collins and several other prominent members of the police force.

The Commissioner has since apologised, explaining that it was meant to be a recruiting tool.

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