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Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Online portal: Visitors must apply for BVI Gateway Certificate to enter

Online portal: Visitors must apply for BVI Gateway Certificate to enter

Persons wishing to travel to the British Virgin Islands when the territory reopens to tourism in December are required to apply through the government’s newly-implemented online portal, BVI Gateway, to gain authorisation.

Premier Andrew Fahie who is also the minister responsible for tourism, made that announcement during a national broadcast late Monday.

He said: “Approval for travel takes the form of a BVI Gateway Traveller Authorisation Certificate which will be obtained via an online portal, called BVI Gateway. The portal is being set up at, and is projected to be live on Monday, 2nd November 2020.”

“Prospective travellers would be required to register on the BVI Gateway portal, and to upload their relevant documents. The application must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the intended flight,” he added.

A low-touch, high-tech environment

According to the Premier, the online portal will ensure the respective government agencies operate in what he described as a “low-touch, high-tech environment”.

As for BVI Gateway’s Traveller Authorisation Certificate, the Premier said it streamlines the process at the territory’s air and seaports and removes the need to fill out the paper versions of the same form.

“Immigration and Customs forms and all supporting documentation would be readily available online to the relevant authority by merely entering the certificate ID,” he explained.

Geofencing to detect unauthorised movement

In the meantime, Fahie said the system will also be able to facilitate “geofencing so that if a person ventures outside of the location authorised for their movement, this can be detected”.

The BVI Gateway portal, which is accompanied by a mobile app and wearable technology were all developed by Amber Group Limited — global technology company based in Jamaica. It operates in 23 countries, including India, parts of Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, and Canada.

“Their system has been tried and tested in a number of jurisdictions. This system is being managed by the BVI Airports Authority, which has entered into an agreement with the Amber Group, on behalf of the BVI,” Premier Fahie said.


Nancy Chapman 132 days ago
Can not go back into the Portal for additional information Ferry schedules are not up yet Place where you check off Ferry is not on the application, and when you try to put in the date your passport was issued it stays on 2020 and need to fill in 2016. Tried calling no call back, and now you want us 7 days prior to travel to start the application I have to start tomorrow What do I do?
English 140 days ago
So the portal has headings where you fill each section before you can go onto the next page... why didn't the health details be last or 6th in line because that is needed couple days before. what about the 'consent' section and 'immigration', 'customs', section as well... these sections should have been before the health details where in as you have 4-5 days prior to your arrival to gather such information only if you fill out the 'health' section. It should not be in that order.
Geoffrey Vanterpool 140 days ago
Having problems signing into the portal bvigateway, password not being accepted that I was giving.


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